Dystopian Studios 2 is a versatile studio that features a 16’x12’x11′ high full corner white cyclorama /cove wall at a fraction of the price of most other studios. We also have a 12’x12’x10′ green screen cyclorama, a 10’x18’x 12′ corner black void space, as well as brick, concrete, cinder block, and other background options. It is ideal for fashion, headshots, glamour, product, lifestyle, art, pinup and much more.

This is a first floor studio with loading zone and parking directly in front of the door.


  • 500 square foot studio including private make-up/changing room
  • Climate controlled/air conditioned space
  • Ceiling height 14″
  • 2 reserved spots in front of studio
  • Plentiful, free, safe street parking for additional vehicles
  • 1st floor space means no stairs, elevators, or lugging equipment from distant parking
  • Full corner white cyclorama/cove wall 18’x12’x12′ high
  • Black void corner space 12’x18’x’12
  • Full corner green cyclorama/cove wall 14’x12’x12′ high
  • 35′ back away distance from both cycs and cove
  • Seamless paper holder- bring your own paper rolls or rent one of ours for $10
  • 3 C-Stands, 1 boom stand, various light duty stands, sandbags, video monitor, audio speakers
  • High speed internet/WiFi suitable for streaming
  • Totally private space, no studio managers looking over your shoulder or other clients interfering with your shoot.


600 Moulton Ave #101A, Los Angeles, CA 90031

Google maps will get you to the area, not to the studio door.

1. Enter the complex through the guard gate on Moulton.

2. Take TWO LEFTS once you’re through the gate. Not one left. Two Lefts. TWO. Seriously. Two. People keep taking only one left, and then wondering why they’re lost.

3. One vehicle can park in the designated Studio II spot from the photo below. One other vehicle can park in any open, non-reserved spot. Any other vehicles can park on Moulton, and be let in through the pedestrian gate marked on the below map.

4. DO NOT wander around the grounds for any reason. If you arrive early, wait in your vehicle until your booking time. Wear a mask at all times outside the studio.

5. Wear a mask at all times outside the studio, it is a requirement of the complex